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With the great weather on holiday, comes great responsibility, especially when it comes to keeping your hair in tip top condition. 

Google searches for ‘holiday hair tips’ have risen by a whopping 914% over the last month alone. 

With this in mind, the experts at London hair salon Top One have revealed their ultimate guide to keeping your hair glowing whilst traveling, sharing their top tips to keep the frizz, dry ends and green tinge from the pool at bay ahead of your next holiday.

The most searched holiday hair problems


Search Term

Average number of monthly searches 

Average number of yearly searches 

‘Green hair from chlorine’



‘How to stop frizzy hair’



‘Dry hair on holiday’



‘Best hairstyles for swimming’



‘Heatless hairstyles’



The dreaded chlorine induced green - 3,000 monthly searches

Top One’s top three post-pool recovery essentials:

Shea Moisture Coconut Oil Leave in Conditioner:

“Coconut oil and shea butter are both fabulous products for nourishing the hair and this product from Shea Moisture has the best of both worlds.” 

John Frieda Original Serum:

“Using a blend of argan, coconut and moringa oils, this serum helps to smooth hair, tackle frizz and add shine.”

Joico Moisture Recovery Treatment Balm:

“This leave-in for Joico contains Murumuru, Olive and Shea Butters, which are great for adding moisture and softening the hair. It’s also great for keeping the frizz at bay.”

The green tinge is a very real fear with global searches for ‘green hair from chlorine’ surpassing 3,000 in the past month. 

Those with lighter hair are at more risk of the green as their hair is typically drier and absorbs more of the chlorine. Clearly a universal problem, as over on TikTok, the hashtag ‘#stopgreenpoolhair’ has nearly 550 million views (544.6 million). 

Keeping your hair healthy on holiday is no joke, however, hair experts at Top One have weighed in on the myth that you should never get your hair wet in the pool or sea.

They explained: “If you’re heading away this summer, try not to let the fear of chlorine damage stop you from enjoying time in the pool,
Taking simple steps such as making sure to rinse your hair with fresh water before you enter to stop it from absorbing chlorine and salt can be a great first step as this lowers the risk of the dreaded green tinge.

We’d also recommend washing your hair thoroughly post swim to ensure that all traces of chlorine are washed away, helping to reduce any damage on this front

Keep the frizz away - 2,000 monthly searches

Top One’s top three products for flying: 

Olaplex No 7 Bonding Oil:

“Olaplex has fast become a household name, and it’s no wonder really. We adore this hair oil, it tames and controls frizz leaving hair feeling silky smooth.”

Bondi Boost Elixir Hair Oil:

“We love this Elixir Oil from Bondi Boost. It contains a blend of Argan Oil, Jamaican Black Castor Oil and Coconut Oil which all nourish and hydrate hair. Perfect for keeping the frizz and flyaways at bay.” 

OGX Moroccan Argan Oil:

“The OGX oil is infused with Argan Oil from Morocco. It helps nutrients soak into each strand keeping the frizz controlled, and leaving hair feeling soft and silky.” 

Heat and humidity can be a major culprit for frizzy hair, which is why it comes as no surprise that this summer saw 2,000 global searches for ‘how to stop frizzy hair’.

For those traveling to their destination by plane this summer, the static can wreak havoc, acting like a magnet for frizz and flyaways. As such, applying a leave-in conditioner before flying can really help to keep the frizz at bay. 

Top One commented, “We’d highly recommend applying a leave-in conditioner before flying to lock in moisture and keep your ends hydrated. Then, before you land, quickly run some nourishing hair oil through your ends, not only will this help to hydrate your hair, it will also help take care of any pesky flyaways.” 

Hydration is key - 1,000 monthly searches

Trying to keep hair from drying out in the heat is a very real struggle, with 1,000 global searches for ‘dry hair on holiday’ in the past month alone. 

UV rays from the sun can also contribute to dried out ends, so packing hair care that contains UV protection can help to limit any dryness caused by sun exposure.

“The ends of your hair are older, and as such, over exposure to elements such as the sun, salt water, and chlorine can dry out the ends more. The key to avoiding dry hair on holiday is to pack moisturising hair care products for your trip as these will help to prevent the damage caused by the heat.” 

Pool hair? No problem - 1,000 monthly searches

A dip in the pool sounds ideal in the warmer weather, but knowing the damage chlorine can do to lengths and ends can be off putting. 

With searches for ‘best hairstyles for swimming’ reaching 1,000 over the past month alone, Top One suggest braids are the way forward for those looking to enjoy a dip in the pool this summer; “Braids are a fantastic option for swimming,as it helps to prevent the hair from knotting. 

If you aren’t putting your head underwater, popping your hair in a bun is also a great option, as it offers some protection against the chlorine and helps to keep it dry. 

However, if you are swimming with your hair down, we’d recommend applying either a leave-in conditioner or a moisturising hair oil to hydrate and tackle the tangles once you’ve left the pool.” 

Avoid the heated tools - 1,000 monthly searches

Tempting as it is to style your hair as normal whilst away, it can often cause more harm than good. 

Luckily, the demand for hair styles created without using heat tools is on the up, with July seeing 1,000 Google searches for ‘heatless hairstyles’, whilst over on social media #heatlesshair is booming, racking up 1.5 billion views on TikTok

Top One added, “A quick way to achieve the classic mermaid waves is to braid your hair before you go swimming and leave them in while they dry. When you take your braids out you’ll be left with perfect beachy waves - all without applying extra heat!”

  1. To find the number of searches Top One inputted each search term into Google Trends to obtain the number of searches over the past month.
  2. The average number of monthly searches were multiplied by 12 to find the average number of yearly searches. 
  3. The term ‘stop green pool hair’ and ‘#heatless hair’ were searched on TikTok to find the number of views. 
  4. All data was collected on the 02/08/2023 and is accurate as of then.